Use Case


IPv4 Address Exhaustion

Because there are fewer than 4.3 billion addresses available, depletion has been anticipated since the late 1980s, when the Internet started to experience dramatic growth


High recurring fees

There is always the burden of recurring maintenance or renewal fees as well as the relatively hard reallocation of resources among the different RIRs


Internet Address Advertisement Hijacking

It encompasses the correct announcement and propagation of
IP prefixes between the domains or - using the Internet
terminology - Autonomous Systems (AS), that could lead to
denial of service


Centralised & Conflict of Address Allocation

Only five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) are monopolising
the address allocation of IPv4 and IPv6 per each continent countries.
The RIR base country jurisdiction leads to conflicting laws
between members


Market Opportunity

The global white box server market size is estimated to reach USD 25.53 billion by 2025, progressing at a CAGR of 22.0% from 2018 - 2025


JACS The Solution

JACS aims to change the way data networks currently work Combining Blockchain & Connection-Less Network Services (CLNS) with its 160-bits ISO NSAP addresses

No central authority to request blocks or justify to

All decentralised over the blockchain

JACS abundance of real addresses allows a unique, global, real address to every grain of sand on earth or even beyond

Authenticate addresses advertisements over the blockchain avoiding security hijacking incidents

Minimal cost associated with a JACS block is minimal with no maintenance or operation cost


JACS The Product

Bring CLNP back as the protocol of the Internet

IPv4 address depletion, centralised
address allocation and Internet routing system security


JACS will be assigned and administered over blockchain

Provide JACS globally unique addresses for intensive applications like: IoT, 5Gand things beyond imagination


JACS White Box Concept

ONIE: Open Network Installer Environment A small, Linux-based Universal NOS installer Pre-installed on bare metal switches
Allows for “Out of the Box” network based installs
NOS: Network Operating System
The smarts that controls and administers forwarding port to port
Commercial & Open Source options


JACS The Network Saver

Normally JACS will work in conjunction with TCP/IP, It can also be used as a fail-safe mechanism with the ability of dual-stack nodes to bring down their TCP/IP stack and depend solely on JACS in case of Denial-of-Service or similar threat